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Custom Boxes in Fort Smith, AR

You need a box . . . we can build one or two or ten thousand!

In fact, customers needing up to 50,000 boxes can depend on Corrugated Specialties, Boxes and Packaging to design, build, pack, and ship custom boxes for business fulfillment purposes. Since 1974, our deliveries have helped our customers deliver.

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We deliver the complete package.
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Two-Color Printing
Brand every package you deliver with two-color printing that uses black ink and ink in your brand's primary color.
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Enjoy extra space for boxes you're unable to fill and do not have the space for.
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We Never Put Customers in Boxes

Never! Customers have their own customers to please and need boxing that’s unique and impressionable. Our factory can handle designing boxes to meet the needs of your products and can provide two-color printing for the ultimate branding experience. Our custom services include:

A box-making machine in our warehouse
    A box-making machine in our warehouse
  • Warehousing
  • Bubble Wrapping
  • Boxing Tape
  • Shipping
  • Labeling
  • Two-Color Printing
  • Next-Day Samples

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