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What We Offer

Since 1974, Corrugated Specialties, Boxes and Packaging has been supplying corrugated boxes and other types of packaging to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Louisiana, as well as shipping across the nation. We take pride in direct customer service and delivering competitively priced products in a timely fashion.

Custom Boxes

Custom boxes provide the complete package. Corrugated Specialties, Boxes and Packaging provides custom box printing services to help you deliver to your customers with professionalism and timeliness. Here, we have the equipment to print up to 50,000 custom boxes in a single order.


Sometimes supply chains are down, and other times, sales are slower than expected. When you cannot fulfill all your orders at once and need space for the extra boxes, we’ve got you – and your unique boxes – covered. Our warehousing services allow you to store portions of your box orders until you are ready to use them.

Bubble Wrap

Corrugated Specialties, Boxes and Packaging won’t let you ship fragile items without proper care. With specialty bubble wrap and bubble wrapping services, we can ensure that you can ship all of your products without a single crack or scratch! Entrust your products to our team that knows the level of protection bubble wrap can provide.

Boxing Tape

The boxing tape is just as important as the boxes themselves. Good boxing tape ensures that everything you need to ship stays put until it arrives. The boxing tape provided by Corrugated Specialties, Boxes and Packaging is sturdy, and you can count on it for all of your shipping needs.


Entrust your packaging to the experts at Corrugated Specialties, Boxes and Packaging! Few businesses are going to have the time and energy to do all the packaging themselves, so we can help you get the job done. As a team that packages large orders, we know something about safely packaging items.


Shipping is just as important as packaging and boxing, and Corrugated Specialties, Boxes and Packaging can make it happen. Let us handle shipping so you can save time and energy for other essential business needs.


With Corrugated Specialties, Boxes and Packaging, you will never need to worry about products shipping without labeling. Our labeling services ensure that you can provide quality customer service that tells consumers what they’re getting.

Two-Color Printing

Your brand matters to us, and it matters to your customers. Corrugated Specialties, Boxes and Packaging knows that people don’t want to open boxes that don’t feel personal. With our two-color printing services, we can give your boxing the customization it needs.

Next-Day Samples

Not sure how you want to deliver your package? Corrugated Specialties, Boxes and Packaging can help you pick and choose with next-day samples. All you have to do is contact our team and we will do the rest.

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